7 Ways to Lower Energy Bill This Summer

The summer weather will be here before you know it, and that means that the temperatures will soon be in the high nineties. For you and your family to remain cool and comfortable over the next few sweltering months, you’ll probably need to rely pretty heavily on your air conditioner. With that significant jump in usage comes a jump in your energy bill as well. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort just to keep your electricity costs reasonable. With these helpful energy-saving tips, you can keep your finances under control this summer, and you can do it without having to spend your time in a hot, uncomfortable living space.

1. Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

Professional AC maintenance is something you should be getting done every year, and scheduling it during spring or early summer is always a good idea. After receiving a tune-up, your air conditioner will be set to operate more effectively and efficiently for the next several months. If you hire Trusted Heating & Cooling to handle the service, your hired HVAC technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your air conditioner to ensure that nothing is affecting its performance. As a result, it will be able to circulate cool air more smoothly and consistently, reducing any extra strain on your unit and on your monthly energy costs. Plus, your indoor air quality will improve, and your AC unit will perform more reliably in the long run.

2. Replace Your HVAC Air Filters

If your household HVAC system has excessively dirty or clogged air filters, it’s going to greatly reduce its energy efficiency. As more and more contaminants like dust, dirt, and small debris get caught in the filters, the HVAC unit’s airflow will become more and more restricted. So, when you’re attempting to cool your home down this summer, your air conditioner will likely have to strain itself more than usual to circulate air, which will require more energy being used. Clogged air filters are also very detrimental to the system’s overall health and performance. Fortunately, replacing these filters is simple and inexpensive, and if you do it every month or so, it will go a long way towards conserving energy and keeping your HVAC system in excellent condition.

3. Utilize Your Curtains and Blinds

Did you know that your home’s curtains and blinds can play a significant role in saving energy? Most curtains and blinds are quite effective at keeping the indoor climate steady. For example, if you have any windows facing toward the south or west, keeping those curtains closed on sunny days can go a long way toward keeping your home cool without needing to rely so much on your air conditioner. During the Texas summer, even the evenings tend to be pretty hot, which may tempt you to leave your AC running all night. However, if you simply run it for a few minutes instead and keep all your blinds shut, that cool air should remain inside the living space. Remember, just a few hours of not using your air conditioner each day can add up to some serious savings on your bill.

4. Keep Cool With Fans

Obviously, if you’re a Texas local, finding a way to stay cool is imperative during the hot and humid summer. However, an AC isn’t your only option. A little less way to go is to use fans in your home. There are quite a few benefits to using fans for household cooling, but most importantly, they’re energy efficient. Whether you go with box fans or ceiling fans, running them regularly will use way less electricity and it will save your air conditioner from running around the clock. Even if you only turn off your AC unit in favor of using fans for an hour or two each day, it can still lead to a significant reduction in your monthly energy costs.

5. Seal Up Any Household Leaks

If you have air leaks around your home, you may be losing quite a bit of conditioned air when your cooling system is running. Even tiny leaks can lead to extra energy being used and more stress on your HVAC system. Plus, air leaks can make it much harder for you to keep your household comfortable. So, if you’re looking to save energy this summer, locating and sealing any leaks in your home is an effective measure to take. Usually, these leaks will be found around the edges of doors and windows. Even if you can’t see them, they may still be there, so you may want to use your hand to slowly feel around for airflow. If you’re able to find any leaks, you can use some weather-stripping and caulking from the hardware store to tightly seal them.

Don’t forget to consider your attic insulation and inspect it. If the insulation is old and non-existent, you might consider hiring an Insulation Contractor to install more Blow-In Insulation. Having the correct amount of blown-in insulation will save you in monthly energy bills and make your home more comfortable in the both summer and winter.

6. Schedule a Duct Cleaning

Even if you keep a pretty clean home, various contaminant particles will inevitably build up in your air ducts over time. Once enough of those particles have accumulated, they can become an obstruction for your HVAC system’s airflow. This means when your air conditioner is working to distribute cool air around your home this summer, it will have to increase its air pressure significantly just to push it past all of that dust, mold, random debris, and other allergens and pollutants. Over an entire summer, dirty air ducts can lead to a lot of extra energy being used and a lot of extra money being spent on cooling bills. However, if you schedule a duct cleaning now, your air conditioner shouldn’t have any trouble distributing cool air to the different sections of your home. Plus, your hired duct cleaning professionals will be able to check the ductwork for any leaks or damage during the service.

7. Adjust Your Thermostat

Consider setting your thermostat to a higher temperature this summer, even if it’s just for a few hours each day while you’re home. Usually setting your thermostat between 75 and 78-degrees Fahrenheit is enough to make a significant difference on your bill and the unit’s overall performance. When you leave for work or to run errands, think about setting it even higher or turning off the AC unit altogether. To automate work schedules and lower utility bills, look into a Smart Thermostat that is WiFi enabled and programmed to save you money. Remember that reducing your usage, especially when you aren’t home, can make all the difference. Giving your air conditioner regular breaks or reducing its workload will also increase the system’s longevity and allow it keep performing efficiently.

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