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Our HVAC repair and installation services are top notch

You've probably been burned by HVAC contractors before. They promise to help, but they only cause more damage. Rest assured, Trusted Heating and Cooling, LLC is different. We are passionate about our trade and it shows. We are 3 generations deep in this trade and we're still serving Round Rock, Texas and the Greater Austin area. We provide extensive residential HVAC repairs, and we won't let you down.

Our mission isn't to break the bank. Our mission is to simply improve the overall air quality and comfort of your home. Call us at 512-284-6277 to request your repair or installation estimate. We staff licensed technicians who are capable of answering all of your HVAC questions.

We don't Sell, We Educate

Stress Free In-Home Consultation and NOT a High Pressure Sales Visit

Do you need immediate HVAC repairs in Round Rock, TX or anywhere in the Austin area? Trusted Heating and Cooling, LLC works quickly and efficiently to resolve heating and cooling problems. If you're looking to replace your system, we offer a complimentary HVAC consultation which allows us to look over the entire system(s) and educate homeowners on new vs old technology and how it may or may not benefit them. HVAC system. We'll determine whether or not your unit is the right size for your property and we DO NOT base this on square footage. Contrary to popular belief, that is NOT how you determine the size a/c your home requires.
Performing an ACCA approved Manual J Heat Load Calculation is how we determine size (tonnage). While it's recommended by every major manufacturer of HVAC equipment, the Department of Energy, Consumer Reports and Energy Star, there are still few HVAC companies that actually take the time to complete this Calculation.

3 reasons to choose Texas's trusted HVAC contractors

Not sure if we're the right company for you? Here are three reasons to hire our local contractors:

Of our HVAC services, one client said:

  1. Our lead installers and technicians are required to have 10 years of experience before starting at Trusted.
  2. We give every client a written guarantee for labor and parts.
  3. You can chat with our owner at any time throughout the repair or installation process.

"I am the president of the HOA for a 50-unit condominium. We hired Trusted to remove and replace some AC units in conjunction with some roof repairs. James and his crew did an excellent job. He kept us informed during the entire process, and the work was done with very little disruption for the residents." - Jim T.

You, too, can benefit from Trusted's knowledge and skill. Contact us now to schedule HVAC repairs in Round Rock or the Greater Austin area.